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Remarks to site visitors:

On compatibility reasons most of the site layout is designed for browser windows adjusted to 800x600 pixels screen resolution. An exception are the panoramic photos of the "scenic" section. They have a width of 1002 pixels and may be watched without horizontal scrollbar with screen resolutions of 1024x768 or higher. If you use IE6, images will be downsized in case of not enough space automatically.

The most homogenous site look will appear with medium text size. (IE browser adjustment: View > Text Size > Medium)

Left hand sided the main navigation bar is visible. Selectable chapters will appear in yellow, selected chapters will get a red mark. Sub navigation by using the yellow underlined navigation terms.

Below of the main navigation buttons, the left column will partly display additional information concerning the displayed material.

Moving the cursor over images or graphics normally will display appropriate describing information.

In 2022 I did an update, because meanwhile Flash disapeared and other html-changes happened.

To bookmark a page, you just need to click somewhere on the blue background with the right mouse button and select the Item "add to favorites" or alternatively you may just enter Ctrl+D. If an ebepe page is bookmarked and you use Internet Explorer 5.x or higher a small icon like this: will appear in the list of your favorites and if you visit the page later again this icon also will appear in the address line of the browser.

On international access reasons, the ebepe home page is released in English language. A German version can be selected by clicking “deutsch”. Returning to the English version by clicking “english”. Because the ebepe web master is native in German, not all content may always be translated to English immediately.

To send me an email, click on the ebepe logo at the left upper screen corner or here.

Release information:

The ebepe entrance page displays a scroll menu containing information about actual content upgrades including the release date. It's dedicated as information for periodically returning site visitors.

Additionally the penultimate line of every page contains the latest date, when new content was released on that page. Corrections of minor bugs like misspellings etc. though done on a regular basis are not signed as updates, because they don't really release new content.

Because the ebepe pages are mainly image galleries and not some type of news magazine, even content released 1 year ago usually is actual.

Nevertheless the penultimate line of the site entrance page (home page) gives hint about the date of the last major site review.

Site history:

The first ebepe pages site was released in November 1999. At that time the web editor Netobjects Fusion 2.02i was used.

What you see now is the first relaunch, dedicated to organize the site use faster and more entertaining for visitors. However the basic design approach was not changed.

The new released pages don't use frames any more and the preview pages shall combine good overview and bearable loading times.

ebepe Details:

  • Synonym: ebepe ... eberhard peter
  • Sex: male
  • Age: midlife
  • Martial status: single
  • Disposition: hetero
  • Confession: :-) owner of for a time outstanding church tax account...
  • Hobbys: photography, profession, sports, travel, satyre ...
  • Regular income: yes
  • Citizen and home: Austria


All ebepe pages material is ebepe © copyright except otherwise mentioned. Public processing of ebepe material on ebepe web master’s agreement only.

Link logos and award graphics are copyright © property of symbol owners.

Other no ebepe material see below

Law court decision: (up)

of the Austrian highest law court regarding "image quotations"
( GZ 4 Ob 224/00 w ):

The release of "image quotations" on the Internet without agreement of the image author and free of charge is allowed, if the following facts apply:

  • The image quotation is used to convey certain information from
    the web site author to his site visitors.
  • Information who the image author is, must be released (if known)
  • Information about the image source must be released (mandatory)

There is a small handful of images or symbols on the ebepe web site for which the above regulation applies. Referring to the mentioned decision all are legal.


Awards: (up)

From case to case I apply for awards. Sometimes I even get one. Click on the logo down here to see my received awards:

Photographs: (up)

The originals of all released pics are either slides or negatives of 120 or 136 formatted films or direct digital shots. On request and agreement high resolution scans up to 2400x1200 dpi transferred to the jpeg format may be transmitted electronically to interested ones. Requests by email. Panoramic photos consist of several single photos put together by electronic processing. For site layout also other graphic and photographic material is used.


I respect and am committed to protecting your privacy. That is why I have adopted this Privacy Policy.

Any email sent to this site will be considered as a private information and will be used by the ebepe webmaster only to correspond with the sender. Information will be made public or shared with others only after the ebepe webmaster receives permission from the sender to do so.

Remark: Information which is dedicated to be made public will not be asked separately for release permission, e.g. information about bestowed awards.

Links: (up)

As ebepe web master I am collecting and releasing link lists to sites with similar or complementary content. Of course I cannot take over any responsibility for the content of externally linked pages. Only content with the URL string www.ebepe.com or www.eberhard.at visible in the address field of the web browser is original content of ebepe. For additional info click on the disclaimer graphic below:

If someone is interested in a link to his site, send an email please. As ebepe web master of course I am also interested in free links to the www.ebepe.com site. The file name of the small logo at the left upper corner is: logo76.gif and is open for use as link symbol.

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