Satyre what’s that?

Satyre is an artificial word and not the result of misspelling. It consists of the word Satire adapted by the letter Y.

Satyre publishes articles with humouristic and hopefully a bit entertaining content. Readers shall have reason for benignly smile but also one should get material for own reflections.

The letter Y stands for “why” and signalises the attitude, also to try a bit looking behind the curtain.

Satyre of ebepe hopes you’ll get a bunch of fun …

First something very actual:
Climate Change , Greenhouse Effect, 2°-Goal, Sea Level Climb, etc ..

I am thinking about THE topic of the present, the climate, or better, what is being debated at all, what is the background? How are the connections, what are the facts, what is clearly secured, what actually not? How are we to assess what is currently taking place ubiquitously like brainwashing around the clock?

How are the climate activists to be judged? How are climate conferences to be judged and where can one read the concrete justifications, which should be there, if politics enacts laws and makes regulations based on it?

My analyses on this are available as pdf-documents. Currently there are two analyses. A very interesting one is the new Climate Analysis Basics. It analyzes in a compact form, what are the correlations for the justification of the greenhouse effect? Climatology pretty much consistently claims that the Earth would have a mean temperature of about -18°C without the greenhouse effect. What is the basis for this narrative? Is it clearly physically justifiable? And how would it be if there were even skepticism?

The further pdf document Climate Crisis and Greenhouse Effect goes into supplementary details and tries to discuss the topic comprehensively. I am getting a picture of the facts on this subject. It is about climate change and climate emergency. The result is, unsurprisingly for me, not everywhere in consensus to the so-called mainstream, which is generally preached in the media!? Is probably an atypical kind of satyre, this topic, it expands at the moment to energy emergency, inflation and de-industrialization ...

The peer reviwed article, which underlines my analysis was released by Gerhard Gerlich and R. D. Tscheuschner. It is called Falsification Of
The Atmospheric CO2 Greenhouse Effects Within The Frame Of Physics
was published in 2009 at the International Journal of Modern Physics B, Vol. 23, No. 3 (2009) 275 - 364. The pdf-file can be downloaded free of charge.

You are invited to send me an email. Sorry, but climate is more than Satyre today.

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The position of ebepe is a neutral one. ebepe is neither close to one of the actually working Austrian political parties nor even member of one. Sometimes it may look that certain articles seem to be close to certain party. Fact is, that all Satyre articles only release the personal perception of ebepe and nothing else.

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