Mountain biking
During world war one a lot of military trails were constructed on the mountains around the lake Garda. Reason was the frontier line between Austria and Italy. Today thousands of mountain bikers use these old trails for their enjoyment.

The following photo story will guide to the Pasubio mountain.

It is located close to the right rim of the above map but unfortunately

not any more visible on it. The trail includes 52 tunnel galleries, some only short break throughs, others perforate the rocks like corcscrews.

Battery operated gallery headlights are urgently recommended to bikers and hikers...

Unfortunately photos cannot reproduce the general impression on location.

We are high above the cloud level (see background).

The narrow trail was blown directly into the vertical wall.

Though some people drive here for photo shots, we preferred the static position on security reason.

Valley view to South East after climbing up about 1200 vertical meters. To be the first alpine barrier is the reason for the strategic position of the Pasubio. Here is the starting point for the 52 gallery section drive.

The Pasubio trip starts from the second valley in front of the horizon. The third range is then passed through a short tunnel. The trail, even visible in the background, then rises up to the closer foreground at the right.

The scenery remains always impresive.

At sections like this, cycling is possible without real danger.

The helmet light is a must to enter longer galeries.

The “famous” Pasubio plateau is partly visible in the background.

Details about the dramas which happened here during WW1 see relevant literature...

We suppress the gloomy thoughts and enjoy the impressive scenery.



ebepe between two galleries.

In the background a tunnel portal visible.

Inside most tunnels are pitch dark and the ground also may be dangerous.

Quite comfortable here.

Security barricades like here are very rarely seen.

Due to just very small photo equippment we did not take pictures inside the tunnels.

Some mtb colleagues “posing” in front of a short gallery portal.

Path width partly just one meter or even less...
To be free from giddiness helps passing such places.

Come here to Italy and explore that fascinating region, but beware of struggling!

The fall would be some hundred meters without any contact in between!

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