Doing powder skiing in beautiful and unspoiled winter landscapes is one of the most wanted activities of crazy skiing people.

Unfortunately there are not such many opportunities to reallize such visions. One is visiting Mike Wiegele at his heli-skiing resort in Blue River/Canada (see link page).

Insiders call the activity done here also "Powderspiel" which is a combination of an English an a German word.

Skiing in groups of the size fitting to one single helicopter. The heli lifts the group up to the summit where fresh powder is waiting ...

After finishing a downhill the heli again is picking up the group and starts to the next summit. And that the whole day long just with a small open air lunch break.

Let's start ......

Our group with Mike.

The ski container is visible on the Heli.

Sometimes photographers escort the group in order to shoot memory photos for the participants.

Lorne Green was our photographer.

There is enough space for skiing between the trees.

Mike's organisation is lending specific Atomic powder skis. The wide soled skis have good carrying quality in deep powder. Using them the Cariboo Powder gets pure pleasure ...

Tree skiing at it's best. Rarely there are situations where the necessary overview is taken because of narrow tree growth. Though nearly everybody takes a separate track between the trees, usually all skiiers meet again after the section without problems.

As a contrast now two images from Zell am See in Austria. Left me at the WISBI race and at the right photo our group. There is a lot activity on the run ...

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