Yellowstone National Park Panoramas

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The Yellowstone National Park located mainly in Wyoming is the oldest national park of the USA and the world. It was founded in 1872.

The park is famous because of the rich variety in thermal and volcanic features but also for it's interresting wildlife and

the good opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities. The famous Morning Glory Pool shall make you appetite for more from the Yellowstone. Click on the panoramic images to enlarge!

Most of the following panorama images consist of three single photos which were put together electronically on the computer. Photos are from the Upper Geyser Basin, from Mammoth Hot Springs, from the Mud Volcano area, from the Fountain Paint Pot area, from the Norris Geyser Basin and from other locations like the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone...

  Overview over Geyser Hill as part of Upper Geyser Basin. Left the Old Faithful Geyser then the lodge, in the middle some steaming features and at the right the Lions Group active.
  Grotto Geyser located in the middle of Upper Geyser Basin. It is active nearly half the time and splashes the fountain up to 3 meters high.
  Giant Geyser of the Upper Geyser Basin is dormant for years at a time. Since 1955 it has rarely erupted presenting an 76 m fountain.
  Minerva Spring from the Mammoth Hot Springs area. The ornate travertine formations reflect the light in many beautyful colors.
  Canary Spring also is part of the Mammoth Hot Springs Area. The telephoto lens shot creates some high density impression.
  Angel Terrace is passed when walking along the Upper Terrace drive. It's also located in the Mammoth Hot Springs Area.
  Beauty Pool is passed when walking from Grand Geyser to Giant Geyser. Depending on the illumination situation the appearance differs.
  Thermal activity has many impacts to the landscape. The Firehole River crosses the Upper Geyser Basin.
  This is an ultra panorama. The angel covers an area of about 250°. It gives good insight in some typical Yellowstone landscape.
  Sour Lake is part of the Mud Volcano Area. At the left some part of Black Dragon's Caldron is visible.
  By the time thermal activity changes. When the ground heat rises, the concerned trees will die because of roots cooking.
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